Finding the Balance

For me its been hard to find the balance between my studies, personal goals and Laikin Ann work.Lately I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to reach my  goals or what I want to  accomplish within my day but what I didn’t realise that the pressure is actually setting my back from everything I want to achieve and not realising that my life is missing other aspects.

So why is having a balanced lifestyle important?

Firstly this is something so simple but I have been struggling to get it right. Living a well balanced lifestyle which is sustaining a well balanced diet and a good fitness plan can ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are my top tips to help you find your balanced lifestyle –

• Take care and look after yourself: To achieve a well balanced lifestyle you need to make sure that you are healthy, correct hours of sleep, exercise and get the correct nutrition. It’s important to take some time out from your busy day and do something that you enjoy doing for you.

• Be organised: It is so important to keep a clear mind plan in advance. This is something I personally battle. I really enjoy planning my next week, allowing time for your tasks, planning and making meal prep and putting aside time for exercise. Being organised can help reduce stress and improve your life balance.

• Set goals:  These can be big and small goals. It is importance to have little goals so while you achieving the big ones the small ones keep you going and help maintaining a positive mindset. Your goals can cover anything from your job, your finances, personal care or your fitness goals.

• Eat right: Your body needs all the correct nutrition to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Laikin Ann
Laikin Ann
I am a firm believer in pursuing your dreams and goals and doing things that make your heart happy.

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